Who’s That Final Girl: It Follows

@fkmuse plays...Oh, there was a point to me watching Nerve last time? I'm not sure maybe I liked how the plot sounded. It Follows, however - seems to plot theories? (Honestly, that's what you get for making wide release art house horror.)We start with Annie, who is so clearly not fine, but tells two people she is... Continue Reading →

Who’s That Final Girl: Nerve

@Fkmuse plays...Been awhile my darlings but I'm back! While this isn't a horror per se I'm sure I can win this round of "Who's That Final Girl?" mostly because I'm picking The Internet! The Internet always wins (right?)...even in completely crap shows, like a lot of 2016's offerings (yes, the entire year.)As you might have guessed I'm picking... Continue Reading →

Our Halloween Favourites

Halloween Film Favourites...Everyone has their favourite films to watch at this time of the year and our group at Haddonfieldhorror.com is no different. Below are just some of our favourite films watch during the Halloween season. Let us know what is your favourite!Lisa Fremont - @lcfremont - VampyrFor me, it isn’t really Halloween until I’ve watched Vampyr.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Russian Sleep Experiment

@fkmuse reviews...Author: Holly IceReviewI'll be honest, I wasn't sure I should review this, seeing as I am very well versed in the creepypasta. I even watched a Dark Matter segment a while back, but I did. Safe to say I'm drawn to this story, though I am unsure why.The book itself starts out slow, but... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Stole My Halloween

@fkmuse likes a laugh but there is nothing funny about her formative horror moments...It starts when I'm three, maybe five, years old, I'm hiding behind my dad's sofa. He's watching something called "Freddy" or maybe it has someone called that in it? He knows I'm awake; he doesn't care.I'm not sleeping ever again.Weeks later, it's Halloween... Continue Reading →

Who’s That Final Girl? – Oculus

@fkmuse plays Who's That Final Girl - Oculus edition...For this instalment of Who's That Final Girl?  we're taking a look at Oculus, a movie staring Karen Gillan, Katee Sackhoff, Rory Cochrane, and one jacked-up Possessed Mirror. With a cast like that, you have toexpect some nerdy, pop culture references. Fortunately, this isn't one of those... Continue Reading →

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