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@TigersMS78 got to ask a few questions of Nick Robertson director of the upcoming film The Pack and he was kind to answer them…

What is your background? – How did you get into film making?

I started in the camera department, went to film school then started directing ads. I also come from a film family. My grandfather was a financier for Charles Chauvel, my uncle was a production manager and my father Michael is a producer. Lets just say, it’s in the blood!

What is The Pack about?

The Pack is about a remote farming family who are terrorized over the course of a night by a pack of wild, man-eating dogs!

How did the story for The Pack come together?

The story came from a spate of actual attacks in rural Australia that involved large packs of wild dogs. One media report had the dogs becoming more ferocious and menacing around built up human populations. Evan, the writer and I jokingly thought it might be a great reference for a new take on the classic “creature feature” – a reboot of Razorback and Cujo. Two years later we were shooting in South Australia!

Was it difficult filming with animals? What was the process?

Filming with animals is incredibly difficult but we fortunately worked with a very professional group of trainers who breed and train specialized attack dogs. The dogs were always muzzled and actually really beautiful and relaxed on set.

Was it difficult to gather finance?

Film financing is always difficult.

Did you have a say in the casting?

Of course. I couldn’t have done The Pack without the amazing cast we acquired!

How long did the shoot take?

It was a 20-day shoot!

What was the biggest lesson you took from the filming?

Always have a plan B. On such a tight budget, you need to be open to changes. It’s about being malleable whilst still holding your vision!

What is the goal for The Pack?

The goal for The Pack was always to enjoy the wonderful genre that is horror! Horror is so underrated in Australia and it’s a style of film making that requires a great deal of craft, it’s really difficult to scare an audience these days and that’s the challenge I love about the genre.

What does the future hold?

Who knows! Film making is such a difficult industry to stay on top of and I’d love the opportunity to have another run into the world of horror!

What films inspire you?

I actually have too many to mention but I love small films overflowing with originality and crammed craft.

What scares you?

The cold reality of human nature.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith

Twitter: @TigersMS78

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