Interview with Bill Moseley [-INTERVIEW-]

Interview with Bill Moseley...Well where do you start with Bill Moseley? An actor that has one hundred and twenty plus acting credits to his name, a musician, a man who has played some of horror's most loved characters and is a super friendly, smart guy to boot. I was lucky enough to get some time with... Continue Reading →

Interview with Alston Ramsay

Alston Ramsay...Alston Ramsay writer of Midnighters, was kind enough to answer some questions for us about the film and writing speeches...InterviewHADDONFIELD HORROR: The basic idea for Midnighters came from a horrific true story. What was it about that story that caught your attention because there is A LOT going on in that story?ALSTON RAMSAY: For your readers... Continue Reading →

Interview with Blair Hoyle

@lcfremont & @dinsmorality interview...Hello indie horror fans! Eric Dinsmore and I are back with another audio interview. This time we had the pleasure of talking to writer/director Blair Hoyle. His latest film, Happy Endings Are A Rarity has just been released and Eric and I quite enjoyed it.Please excuse the less than professional audio editing,... Continue Reading →

Dead Shack Review & Interview

@TigersMS78 reviews and interviews...ReviewThere is a danger in doing a comedy/horror, its one of the genres with the most risk. Things can go terribly wrong. Fortunately Dead Shack is not one of those films. The setup is simple, a family plus one of their kid's friends go to a run down cabin for a break. The kids... Continue Reading →

Interview with Brandon Bassham

@lcfremont & @dinsmorality interview...Annum Films likes to cross boundaries and make you laugh while doing it. Fear Town USA, The Slashening and now The Slashening 2: The Final Beginning are all stellar entries in the horror parody genre. Writer/director Brandon Bassham puts his heart and soul into these films and he promises to deliver the... Continue Reading →

Interview with Barbara Crampton

@lcfremont interviews...Barbara Crampton’s role as Megan Halsey in Re-Animatorinstantly cemented her beloved status in the horror community, so it was beyond exciting when, after a brief retirement from acting, she appeared in Adam Wingard’s You’re Next. Since then, Crampton has been relishing the slew of varied and interesting roles that have come her way. Her... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mathieu Ratthe

@dinsmorality interviews Mathieu Ratthe...Mathieu Ratthe - Writer, Director, and star of Sci-Fi Horror flick The Gracefield Incident – recently spoke to me about his exciting new picture, which packs a surprisingly emotional punch. The charming and bubbly Ratthe spoke candidly about how the budget of The Gracefield Incident led to creative challenges that, somewhat serendipitously, led... Continue Reading →

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