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Do you love road trip horror movies and kick-ass women? (The answer is yes) Well if you are one of those people then check this kickstarter out and take a look at the trailer below!

From the Press Release 

SAVAGE SISTAS – The Fresh Look of Roadside Horror!

Looking for a new spin on classic 70s horror? Get ready for SAVAGE SISTAS!

The story follows a group of girlfriends on the road to Vegas, who find themselves stalked in the desert by a family of serial killers. It’s got all the elements you’d expect from a film like this: unmarked country roads, mobile phones with no signal and very unfriendly locals.

But what truly differentiates SAVAGE SISTAS from countless other roadside horror films are the leading ladies… in this film they happen to be Black women.

“We’re not making a Blaxploitation spoof,” says writer/director Dan Smith, “but that’s the first thing people think.” But he does concede that those gritty films from the 70s are definitely a source of his inspiration. “Some of those characters are so fierce they’ll do anything, or kill anyone to protect their loved ones. And that’s exactly the kind of badass spirit I want to bring to this story. The women in our film have more of a fighting chance against their tormentors.”

Dan is working hard to gain support for his vision, but the first time filmmaker admits it’s been a hard road. “For potential investors, this is a real gamble. We don’t have big stars, and all of our leading ladies are women of color… which is not something you see in this genre.”

To sell the concept, Dan and his team have had to put the entire production package together. “We have to be buttoned up. The actors have been cast, the locations are set and the crew is standing by. This film is basically ready to shoot… the only hold up is the financing.”

Like other creators, Dan has turned to crowd funding to find capital for SAVAGE SISTAS. “It’s the way so many niche horror films are getting produced now. And for us, it’s the next logical step.” There’s no question about the success of the platform, crowd funding works. But you do need a crowd.

“We’re halfway though our campaign now and the real challenge is reaching enough people,” Dan explains, “We’ve got a lot of loyal fans and they’re extremely supportive… I just hope we have enough of them.”

If you want to see more badass women in the horror genre, visit and check out SAVAGE SISTAS:

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