Movie Review: Bad Guy #2 (Short)

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Director: Chris McInroy
Writer: Chris McInroy
Stars: Sam Eidson, Will Elliott, Andrew Hoke, Kirk C. Johnson, Carlos Larotta, David Maldonado, Jason Newman, Jayleen Reed, Chrissy Shackelford


Bad Guy #2 is a very funny splatter comedy (or ‘Goredy’ as it is labelled), the first one I’ve seen in a very long time. Writer/Director Chris McInroy brings understated comedy and marries it to way over the top gore and it is great fun.

Bad Guy #2 tells the story of Bad Guy #2 (Kirk C. Johnson) who gets promoted to Bad Guy #2 from Bad Guy #3 after the Kingpin dispatches the original Bad Guy #2. Bad Guy #2 then has to impress the kingpin (David Maldonado) otherwise he will end up like the previous bad guys that displeased him (i.e killed horribly).

A lot of the comedy is gleaned from Bad Guy #2 and the fact that in most crime films, the bad guy #2 always gets killed by the boss to prove a point. This combined with his matter-of-fact interactions with his partner Donna (Chrissy Shackleford) and his other cohorts makes it a very quirky comedy. The splatstick element kicks in early and every single gag is played for maximum carnage and maximum laughs, whether it is melting bodies or chainsaw dismemberment, each one is done in the messiest and gore soaked manner possible.

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The entire cast is pretty much on point, everyone plays it so low key (with the exception of the over-zealous Kingpin), the way each of the them interact with one another is fantastic from chatting to other bad guys or would-be victims, the whole thing is pitched at just the right level. On the gore front the film just bathes itself in blood and gooey effects from start to end.

Bad Guy #2 is highly enjoyable and well worth going to seek out if you get the chance. Bad guys forever!

Ryan Morrissey-Smith

Twitter: @TigersMS78

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