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Writer/Director: Ivan Noel

Stars: Ana María Giunta, Toto Muñoz, Sabrina Ramos

Children of the Night (aka Limbo) starts with a weird yet gripping dream scene of bitey, bitey, blood, screamy, vampire action. The dreamer, Alicia, wakes from the dream in a rather discombobulated state, as one would expect, and pads off the bathroom to administer her medication – although at this point, we’re not quite sure what the issue is.

On arrival at work, Alicia notices an email from a home for children suffering from a disease to which she has been invited to write a story. Undeterred by her friend and over the top boyfriend, Alicia decides to make the trip. On arrival, she is greeted by one of the boys from the home, Siegfried, who, we find out later, has a rather unusual but sweet connection with her. At the Limbo Home, an eccentric nun bellows at her from the porch where she sits watching the children playing and working…..ok, so far, so good…..apart from the fact that it’s the middle of the night.

During her stay it becomes apparent that there is something strange about the children living at the Limbo Home, and when two boys get snatched, things start getting weirder. Remember the over the top boyfriend I told you about? Well he turns up, he’s not around for long though and the only reason I mentioned him again is that when he leaves, he runs into a little boy who has the most amazing creepy smile on his cute little face. Remember him.

Alicia starts to realise that these children are all the ‘missing children’ she has seen over her time working at the newspaper and she confronts crazy nun lady. The truth starts to come out……this disease malarkey was nothing but a clever cover story for a home filled with children vampires…..that is, children who were bitten by vampires when they were….errr….children.

In the meantime, two more boys are snatched.

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Remember the boy with the amazing creepy smile? I shall now call him Crazy Cat Kid (he now has a cat) and he is the leader of all the kids at the home and is teaching them how to defend themselves against threats. It turns out that Crazy Cat Kid is the grandson of someone quite famous, but I won’t ruin the surprise.

After lots more of the story between Alicia and Siegfried unfolds, we see that there is a group who know what these kids are and plan to put a stop to them during a party. The kids are enjoying the party when they get surrounded by the squad who start bashing up the clubhouse they are in……and the sun is coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there is a solar eclipse……

What I loved about this film, because it’s a rare thing these days, is to have a storyline where you don’t really know too much about the characters background. You can enjoy the film for what it is and not be side tracked by so and so’s bad time….blah blah blah. It’s not to say I feel this about all films, but certain horror type films do well to adhere to this rule! There were funny parts and it definitely had a slightly eerie feel to the scenes which I thought was great, I enjoyed this one!

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