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This episode starts off with Ash bound and gagged (and no this isn’t someone’s Pornhub search history). With Eligos/Kelly spinning the story that Ash has the Eligos demon inside him, the Brujo decides that an exorcism is in order. Pablo and Kelly/Eligos go off to get some things that the Brujo needs, however not the bread knife – that’s the good knife. Eligos/Kelly then sets about trying seduce Pablo, in what can only be described as stoner, NRA members wet dream, creating a bong from a shotgun. Pablo being perhaps the nicest guy in the world, starts spilling his heart out to Eligos/Kelly who in turn wants to spill Pablo’s brains all over the wall. As Ash convinces the Brujo that Kelly is the possessed one and in need of the exorcism, they all find themselves in a battle for Kelly’s body and soul.

This episode was quite light on the humour aspect instead focusing on the battle with Eligos. In a breakaway from the episodic nature of the show, the elongated Eligos battle certainly works well and allows for an episode like this, one in which lets us into Pablo’s world, showing us that aside from some great comic foil, Pablo stands up when needed. Ash too grows some more, with each episode he is being fleshed out as more than just an ass-kicking caricature, in fact in this episode he makes the true revelation – that he is responsible for the evil. We finally also a look at just how great Dana DeLorenzo is when she has something to really work with. Her possessed Kelly was a wild ride bringing a helluva a lot to table despite the short run time, with each passing episode she is becoming a firm favourite character.

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There was a nice call back to an earlier episode involving Kelly and her parents, it was played for laughs then but when the Eligos demon is trying to trick Ash into killing her, saying to mark her grave with a cross, he remembers that she was Jewish, another small moment but one that shows that Ash is certainly maturing, for the better. However, don’t think for a second the he has fully changed, as he fights the Eligos demon his mantra was shoot first, think second – a funny line but with the Eligos demon being able to read minds, he quickly realises that he has to change it to shoot first, think never – and it works as the boomstick makes short and messy work of Eligos. In the battle with Eligos Pablo’s Brujo uncle dies and as they cremate his body, Pablo gets an item that will no doubt help in future epsiodes, we also get an advanced version of Ash’s hand created by Pablo, it is much like the Army of Darkness hand, however this one is more likely to work but let’s be honest – we aren’t going for gritty realism here.

Another good episode that wraps up the Eligos story line but once again delays Ruby and Amanda catching up with our gang – hopefully this happens soon, as Ruby is super nutty and Amanda is starting to realise this.

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