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The Highridge Massacre…
After a successful crowdfunding supported by Fear The Crypt and Eli Roth, The Highridge Massacre is about to made by Rum Punch Productions as 8 Webisodes. Check out the details and some artwork in the Press Release below.

From the Press Release

Cast list and first teaser artwork revealed for new horror series ‘The Highridge Massacre’. From the creator of ‘Young High and Dead’ and twisted minds behind horror website comes an innovative fresh perspective on the slasher genre.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign and supported by Eli Roth’s ‘Fear the Crypt’, UK independent company Rum Punch Productions prepares to shoot all 8 Webisodes in November 2015. Short in length, but crammed with all the best elements of the beloved genre, the series promises to be a blood soaked masterclass in slasher imagery with a lead character fans will demand franchised.

Synopsis “Beth is in a bit of a bind! Tortured and tormented by the ruthless Venner Family she’s been exposed to horrors which would make any sane girl lose her mind. Too bad for the Venner’s then that Beth is far from sane, and her mind, well that was lost years ago! From the creator of ‘Young High and Dead’ and twisted minds behind horror website comes an innovative fresh perspective on the slasher genre”

The series is to make its debut release on the Eli Roth’s ‘Fear the Crypt’ online platform, and the team have a feature length script primed and ready to go this miniseries is to tantalise fans for the carnage to come.

The very talented Kerry Bennett (BBC’s Casualty, BAIT (2015)) is to bring to life the tortured – both literally and figurative – the most psychopathic final girl in horror, Beth. Kerry says: “Luke’s passion and enthusiasm was a big attraction for me to The Highridge Massacre. He was adamant about Beth being a strong female character, which always really excites me. Yes, she’s deeply flawed. Yes, she’s riddled with complexities. Yes, she’s a psychopath! But she is still a human being, trying to survive, as we all are. It’s interesting to consider, given her tragic events and

circumstance, if we were put in the same position would we react any differently? Luke has created an incredibly complex and interesting protagonist, even more so having the character a woman. Beth is utterly different to anything I’ve seen recently on Tv and in Film, which is so exciting, and I am very much looking forward to breathing life into her.”

Playing opposite Kerry is the extremely talented Jacob-Fortune Lloyd (BBC’s Wolf Hall, 2015) as Beth’s physical captor and mental liberator ‘Venner’. “Venner is someone inured to witnessing and perpetrating extreme violence. He’s grown up with it. He enjoys it. He takes his time brutalizing his victims. And to him they’re not innocents. They’re demonic, possessed. His violence is justified; he’s sending them to hell where they belong. He’s torturing them to punish their sins, and to warn off other friends who might think the Venner patch is fair game. Or perhaps, even more disturbingly, he thinks that the pain he inflicts is a kind of purification, a means of cleansing wicked souls so they – like him – will one day reach the kingdom of heaven; the ultimate mortification of the flesh. Either way, his reductive spiritual mindset is terrifying in its simplicity and certainty. To be brought to life I need to play an un-conflicted man: he does what he does because that’s what he’s been taught, he doesn’t question it, it gives him pleasure and it satisfies a deep need to feel he’s doing good and is on the right side in the battle against evil. That’s a grim but fascinating challenge for an actor.” Jacob-Fortune Lloyd

No compromise has been made in fulfilling our commitment to our loyal Kickstarter backers. Shooting with a team of seasoned professionals headed by Director of Photography James Martin (selected for BAFTA crew 2015/16 armed with 17 feature films under his belt), and ultra-high end kit the carnage will be vividly captured using the uber-cinematic Sony F65, the very same camera used to shoot Transformers 3, Captain America and more appropriately the new Evil Dead remake. Our aim is to give the slasher genre a fresh British approach, this web series will be a snapshot of the true nightmare that is the Highridge Massacre.

Director, write and producer Luke Brady also adds:

“#THMassacre is much more than a gorefest short film, it’s an introduction to a whole world that I have been designing and building since 2007. #THMassacre fuses

hyper realistic characters in an unfamiliar situation which inevitably leads to bloodshed and carnage. Our lead character Beth is a closet psychopath who has suppressed her evil cravings ever since she was a little girl, but what would happen if she w

as placed in a situation of impending danger? What would happen if a sadistic violent family confronted and antagonised someone more evil and dangerous than them? What would happen if a psychopath had to choose between fight or flight?

There have been many iconic moments whereby the Lucifer effect has appeared to have taken over ordinary law abiding citizens when placed in unfamiliar threatening situations. If faced with the option, would we really have what it takes to kill and maim another human being? What would we do if we secretly started to enjoy it? Beth will take you on a bloodbath journey that explores the behaviour and mind-set of a closet psychopath!”

The miniseries is due to be shot at the end of November with its release on the FTC platform planned for early 2016. More exciting announcements to follow.

To keep up to date with the latest developments in the project @THMassacre and

The Highridge Massacre artwork

The Highridge Massacre artwork

The Highridge Massacre artwork

The Highridge Massacre artwork
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