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Director: Hèctor Hernández Vicens
Writers: Isaac P. Creus, Hèctor Hernández Vicens
Stars: Albert Carbó, Alba Ribas, Bernat Saumell, Cristian Valencia


To say that The Corpse of Anna Fritz is a troubling film to watch is a understatement. We have a heinous crime that is made worse by self serving decisions of the characters which makes for unpleasant viewing however it still makes for a decent but morally reprehensible film.

*There be spoilers ahead – you have been warned.

Anna Fritz is a major celebrity and has died, we are told this from the start, the way she is talked about seems as though she is more a brand than a human being. Unfortunately for Anna, she comes to the morgue where Pau works and his two a-hole friends convince him to let them see Anna. Once inside they ogle the dead Anna, Ivan the alpha male of the group decides that he will have sex with Anna’s corpse, he does so against Javi’s wishes and then Pau decides he wants a turn but mid necrophilia Anna opens her eyes…

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The film then turns into a cat and mouse game between Ivan, Javi, Pau and Anna. A thriller that does pull out some good twists and turns, however it is difficult to rise above what has gone before. I had a very strong reaction the characters actions and motivations, so I guess that it was successful in eliciting a response. The acting from everyone is pretty top notch especially when the film kicks into gear thirty minutes from the end, and Vicens keeps things rolling especially with a very tense chase scene that has you hoping and praying that Anna will get to safety.

A film that will get comparisons to Deadgirl and even I Spit on Your Grave but they are very different films. The Corpse of Anna Fritz gives you the worst in human actions and reactions which makes the film hard to access but it is a decent thriller that gives you a heroine to really cheer for and makes you want a satisfying conclusion for her.

Worth a look.

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