TV Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead S1 E07

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You know what I’m a great procrastinator, I’m really good at it but I ain’t got nothing on Ash VS Evil Dead and their writers. After last episode it was agreed that everyone was going to go to the cabin to put a stop to the evil once and for all, Ash has yet another side trip, this time to his bar acquaintance  Lem’s survivalist/doomsday preppers crew. Pablo tries on a few weapons of choice, trying to find his go to weapon, it may well be a utility truck as he pins a gas mask wearing deadite up against a tree. Kelly then tries to finish it off, with an automatic weapon and sprays bullets everywhere, just missing Pablo and absolutely decimating the deadite in front of her, it was almost as bloody as the last episode.


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Meanwhile despite being handcuffed and despite Ash’s advances, Amanda and Ash make a pretty team, as Lem stalks them through the underground. Working like Damon and Kinnear in Stuck On You they do a job on the pyro obsessed deadite. Pablo and Kelly have captured the rest of the survivalist morons and just Ash and Amanda – who was slowly worn down by Ash’s charm offensive – were about to share a kiss, when Pablo and Kelly bust in and ‘save’ them. There is one more deadite scare, that is quickly quashed as Kelly, Amanda and Pablo put it down. As the episode ends, Ash is nowhere in sight…Oh so what about Ruby you ask? Well she came back as predicted hauled herself out of the ashes with barely a scratch on her and continued to hunt the book, so all is not what it seems with Ruby…and Ash’s severed hand? – Well it is already at the cabin…waiting…

The episode was a little dull early on but livened up with some messy kills and decent dialogue. Ash it seems has gone to the cabin by himself, leaving the group behind for fear of their safety. It is another moment which shows the growth of Ash throughout the series to date. There is not a lot of other development only to say that Ruby is going to meet Ash by the end of this season and it is something I am excited about seeing, if we can just get there!

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