Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead S1 E09

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The penultimate episode for Ash Vs Evil Dead was arguably the funniest episode of the season and set us up for a cracking finale.

We get right into the action with the Ash Vs Ash brawl, with Pablo and Kelly having to decide with Ash to kill, which is hilariously decided by which Ash is more racist…but not against Asian babies. Ash then has to dismember his evil twin (with a delicious slice of dark humour with Just The Two Of  Us playing over the top of a very graphic chainsaw dissection) and then carrying out the same task on Jill, only problem is Jill’s body has risen and is on the loose in deadite form. Meanwhile Pablo and Kelly are trying to escort the hikers from the previous episode out of the area and we finally get some kind of admission from Kelly that she has feelings for Pablo however Jill shows up and things don’t end well for two of the hikers whilst the 3rd hiker ends up with a grisly broken leg. This signals the arrival of the missing Ruby Knowles who is about to kill Jill but is distracted by the screams of Heather the only surviving hiker. After dismembering the other two hikers Ruby gets Pablo and Kelly to take her to see Ash and the Necronomicon, after some interesting to and fof Ash relents and cuts the cover off the book and Ruby starts chanting and the books cover attaches itself to Pablo’s face as we find out that Ruby is the one who wrote the Necronomicon…

This episode surprised me in that not to much happened in terms of forward momentum considering next episode is the season finale you’d have been forgiven for thinking that they would just build this episode up to be a setup for the finale but Ash Vs Evil Dead is a different beast. The episode was whole hearted with Deadite Jill becoming a big force whilst the possibility of Heather hanging around for a big longer might be on the cards but I don’t think she will last too much longer but it would be an interesting addition for the Pablo and Kelly relationship arc. We finally have some more Ruby infomration and it is fair to say she will be the big baddie for the tikme being (second season maybe?). So one episode to go and its goodbye to season one, so far its been great overall, can the finale bring it home?

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