Recap: AHS Apocalypse, Sojourn – Ep 8

@lcfremont recaps...In honor of the eighth episode, titled Sojourn, I am going to put as much effort into this recap as they did into cutting the wigs for Evan Peters and Billy Eichner. Minimal.In a season with only ten episodes, it is beyond concerning that they spent an entire episode in a flashback road trip... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Apocalypse, Traitor – Ep 7

@lcfremont recaps...Jennifer Lynch came right out of the gate with beauty and gore colliding in a crazy voodoo ritual opening. Lynch appears to have become one of the regular directors on AHS and I’m here for it. Now we know for certain that Dinah is the new Queen of Voodoo, but she is only motivated... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Apocalypse, Boy Wonder – Ep 5

@lcfremont recaps...Episode five has been touted as the one that would change everything this season. In Roanoke, when they said everything would change, they really, truly meant it, but in Apocalypse, what we get with episode five is a very long flashback. After a short, but strangely glamorous, moment of being eaten alive while a... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Apocalypse, Forbidden Fruit – Ep 3

@lcfremont recaps...Originally, the Halloween episode of AHS was an event. The episode that landed near Halloween on our calendar would also be the episode when the AHS characters celebrated Halloween. Murder House set the standard of us expecting a particularly creepy episode (sometimes a two parter) that would give special insight into the characters as... Continue Reading →

Recap: AHS Apocalypse – The End, Ep 1

@lcfremont recaps...It’s September, so it must be time for another season of American Horror Story. Every year, a devoted crowd of fans gets overly excited for the premiere of AHS. Ryan Murphy has managed to create a universe where the stories get more banana pants every year and the plot is kept top secret until... Continue Reading →

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