Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead S1 E10

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After setting the wheels in motion in the final few minutes of the previous episode, we find our gang in deep Necronomicon shit. Ruby has let the cat of the bag now, that she wrote the book – ‘All of it?’ quips Ash – and that she wants to be the big Kahuna of all the evil, like the Godfather and Pablo has a the Necronomicon’s cover firmly attached to his face. Before any of that can be discussed Jill shows up and her and Ash have a short fight that Ash ends with a chainsaw to the guts and a beheading. Pablo gets taken by Ruby down the cellar and as Ash takes some very tentative steps into the cellar, he is taken back in time to episode one or even a touch before then. Ruby offers him the reboot button he wants – Jacksonville, fishing and all he wants. He chooses against the easy way out and makes his way through the really quite spacious cellar area. He comes across Ruby who is using the Necronomicon faced Pablo as a breeding machine, she chants as Pablo regurgitates a number of evil demon children.

Meanwhile Kelly is trying to get into the cellar while the house refuses to let her and torments both her and Heather. Kelly gets thrown outside with Heather gets a very harsh death for a bystander, getting nails stuck all through her body before being washed out in a sea of blood. Kelly desperate to get in, sets the cabin on fire and forces the house to open its doors and she runs in and finds Pablo fighting Ash under the spell of the book. She disarms Pablo at the last second whilst Ruby tries to make Ash’s face the new cover of the Necronomicon with her Kandarian dagger. Ash takes away her weapon by deception – Have you lost weight? – and begins to use the dagger on her, once again though he is offered the sweet life this time Ash makes demands that his two friends also get to be come along…Ruby agrees and Ash takes the deal…as the trio drive off Ash buries his head firmly in the sand, whilst Pablo and Kelly fully understand the consequences of the deal.

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A very funny episode, with plenty of gore but for me it was a wholly unsatisfying finale. Despite Ash taking the deal to save his friends life, it kinda flew in the face of all the character development that Ash had made during season one. Yes, it fits in with his character traits but it didn’t seem to fit, I guess the old saying ‘A leopard can’t change it’s spots’ rings true here. Something interesting from this episode though – it had a call back to Army of Darkness, I don’t think it has even been hinted at prior so there could something more to come out of that.

With Pablo and Kelly now established characters in their own right, what can we expect from Season Two –
More Ruby?
Certainly more demon kids.
Will the Kelly/Pablo love arc come to fruition?
Does the action move to Jacksonville?
Will there be more PTSD callbacks to Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness?

I know one thing I will definitely be back for the next season, it was quite a ride. One wish for Season Two though – please can we have some longer episodes? Pretty Please.

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