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You may or may not know that January 26th is Australia Day, contrary to popular belief we are not all barbecue loving, alcoholic, beach lovers, sometimes we can also make a great horror films and to celebrate the day below are a selection of my four favourites. If I missed your favourite let me in the comments or lets us know on twitter.

4. Fortress

For a TV movie Fortress is as brutal and scary as they come. A teacher and the kids held hostage, then fightback against a gang thugs. The thugs masks are absolutely terrifying and there is always the feeling that anyone of the kids could actually be killed at any time. The finale is also taboo crossing.

3. Road Games

A road movie thriller with elements of a slasher film Road Games is tidy little thriller that has that great 80s feel to it. With an ending that is as bleak as you can get Road Games ends on a nasty note.

2. Wolf Creek

Cliched on a list like this but it is perhaps the most well known Australian horror film based on an amalgamation of two of Australia’s most notorious crimes. It introduced the world to psycho Mick Taylor and produced some of the most intense moments and graphic scenes ever.

1. Snowtown

Another true crime film, Snowtown isn’t your typical horror film but it is the one of the most horrific stories you will ever come across. The film is ugly, brutal and bleak and sadly very true.

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