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Director: Joonas Makkonen
Writer:  Joonas Makkonen
Stars: Hiski Hämäläinen, Enni Ojutkangas, Veera W. Vilo


Where to begin with Bunny the Killer Thing? The title alone introduces itself as a film that you do not watch when you feel like learning more about the world or looking deep into your soul. No, this is the kind of film that you watch when you want to play a drinking game or punish your friend who made you watch a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy. According to the film’s website, the synopsis is such: A group of seven Finnish young adults are heading to have a fun weekend at a cabin in the dark woods of Finland. By chance, three foreign men end up to the same cabin. The men seem to be hiding a secret. The party weekend at cabin becomes a game for life and death, when suddenly a weird creature attacks from forest to terrorize the people! The creature is half man, half rabbit, and it is after anything that resembles female genitals. The creature is Bunny the Killer Thing!

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So, yeah. What we have here is a film with some hilariously shoddy translation issues in the subtitles, a good amount of gore, a sense of humor and A LOT of penis and dildo. As with any B level horror film, you will get your requisite boobie shots, but the penis shots are more plentiful and there is an inordinate amount of penectomies. Consider yourself warned.

From the word GO, Bunny the Killer Thing is a balls to the walls exercise in poor taste and I say this with respect and a certain amount of admiration. An unsuspecting tourist is kidnapped and injected with some suspicious looking fluid that turns him into a giant bunny that wants nothing but pussy. Why? Who the fuck knows. This isn’t really the place for questioning motives or plot points. As our young, horny adults drink, do drugs and try to find ways to get laid, a dude dressed in a bunny costume with a giant dildo attached runs around screaming, “PUSSY!” and kills them off one by one. The manner in which he kills them is something that I will leave up to the brave viewer to discover.

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Now, in a movie titled Bunny the Killer Thing you really shouldn’t complain about things that you may find offensive. You’re either the audience for this film or you’re not, but there was one thing that I simply cannot and will not ignore. One of our girls has a crush on another girl and when she finds her passed out, she proceeds to rape her. Portraying the token gay character as a predator is not clever, funny or acceptable. I do not care that she has her comeuppance later on because this negative portrayal of an LGBT character is so viciously ugly and unnecessary that there is no possible excuse on earth to explain it away.

Outside of the homophobic “humor”, I found this movie to be a wonderfully fun dive into horror driven comedy. This movie is 100% absurd and it revels in it. It contains all of the usual horror movie tropes including a set up for a sequel. The title says it all and as I said previously, you’re either down with watching this movie or you’re not. I would definitely recommend adding a smart cocktail to the viewing, but maybe don’t take a shot every time the word pussy is uttered. I did the math for you. If you were to take a shot every time someone says , “pussy,” that would be 33 shots:there are 17 shots in a full size bottle of liquor= 2 full bottles of liquor= hospital. Don’t do this.  So kids, drink responsibly, never drink and drive and beware of bunnies with giant dildos.

Lisa Fremont

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