The 3 best Found Footage films

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Found Footage…

With Blair Witch hitting the screens very soon, I take a look back at the best found footage films made post The Blair Witch Project. This isn’t to exclude some amazing films but BWP was the film that, for better or worse made found footage a viable option for those short on cash but big on ambition. So check out my list of the three best found footage films since The Blair Witch Project.

Ti West directs what is basically a retelling of the Jonestown Massacre, The Sacrament takes you inside the final days of a death cult (little do the documentary news journalists know). A news team travels to Eden Parish to follow a man trying to find his sister and bring her home. Utilizing the found footage aspect very well, the film also has some excellent acting and writing and during the 3rd act is home to some of the most unsettling imagery seen in a while. I am not talking outlandish gore but just straight up human misery and group madness. If you haven’t seen this one, you definitely put it on your list.

A high quality Spanish entry (that was later remade – almost identically as Quarantine) which pits a reporter and her camera man against a virus that has turned some of the residents of an apartment block in crazed killers. After being locked in with no explanation and no means of escape, those remaining alive have to survive long enough to try and find a way out. The film is tense all the way through and it even has a decent hook as to why the cameraman keeps filming. Not too mention a now often copied ending shot that is straight out of your nightmares. If you are a fan for found footage this is a must see.

the last exorcism poster

A faithless minister plans to blow the lid off exorcisms thereby debunking all possessions as either faked or are as a mental problem. After receiving a call for help, Cotton Marcus goes about showing just why they are fakes. He brings the camera crew along to document his tricks of the trade, however things are all that they seem. With solid performances and a crazy good Ashley Bell this film has some really great shocks and uses the found footage aspect to great effect. Containing one of the most batshit crazy endings you’ll see The Last Exorcism is a found footage film done right.

So there you have my three favourite post The Blair Witch Project found footage films. Did I miss yours? Have I got it wrong? Let me on twitter or in the comments section.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith

Twitter: @TigersMS78

Images: IMDb

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