Movie Review: All Through The House

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Director: Todd Nunes
Writer: Todd Nunes
Stars: Ashley Mary Nunes, Jessica Cameron, Melynda Kiring


Halloween is approaching, but so is Christmas. So why not merge the two? Enter All Through the House, the killer Santa, holiday-themed Freudian nightmare you never knew you wanted. Writer and Director Todd Nunes cooked up quite a script with his Krampus-style antagonist, but any supernatural qualities associated with this anti-Claus is reduced to Michael Myers in a Santa outfit. And there’s a compelling reason for all of this psychological envy, for why else would the killer take out two victims by stabbing one in the boob, then clipping said boob-stabee’s boyfriend’s pecker with a hedge sheer?

Are you not intrigued?

There is a plot to this. Much of the story focuses on the young Rachel (Ashley Mary Nunes) and her strange relationship with Mrs. Garrett (Melynda Kiring), the mother of her missing childhood friend Jamie. Mrs. Garrett is as eccentric as it gets: Her home – both inside and out – looks like Santa’s Village set up a satellite warehouse in her living room. The bizarre displays only fuel the speculation and intrigue of the neighborhood, still wondering and reeling over Jamie’s mysterious disappearance years ago.

All Through The House image

After a hiatus, Rachel returns to her home and reconnects with old friends. She of course runs into her former friend’s mother, and the two engage in superficial niceties that lead to our young and naïve Rachel agreeing to help decorate Mrs. Garrett’s already gaudy and superfluous Christmas displays.

Here’s the bait and switch: Rachel convinces a few friends to join, but suddenly Mrs. Garrett has to leave her home on a “surprise date,” leaving beautiful girls all alone in a creepy house. You know what this means: Let the wild Krampus start!

What ensues is an entertaining, blood splattering, genitalia dismembering, jolly good time with a guy in a Santa suit being naughty to all who are nice. And through all the holiday mayhem, the mystery of Jamie will unfold and confirm all of Dr. Freud’s wonky theories. Merry Halloween!

Eric Dinsmore

Twitter: @dinsmorality

Images: IMDb

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