Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead S2, E4 – DUI

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TigersMS78 recaps…

With Ash’s father dead, just after reconciling (isn’t it always the way) being rundown by the possessed Delta, Ash is emotionally crushed until nearly being physically crushed when the Delta comes back around for another only this time it ensnares Pablo and pulls him into the car.

Pablo and Lacey are now in the car together but there is one other occupant – The Necronomicon. Pablo describes it as a dumb book…that talks…and does evil stuff. The Necronomicon then starts telling Pablo that they are linked and just to prove it Pablo has another gory vision.

After stocking up military style with some heavy duty weapons Meanwhile Kelly and Ruby go a-hunting for Ruby’s spawn. They have success in so much as the find them but the spawn isn’t going to go quietly in to the night…

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Ash chases down the Delta and tracks it to any empty demolition derby ring where Ash and the Delta face off. Pablo and Lacey escape the Delta with Pablo wrestling with the Necronomicon before stabbing it repeatedly, however the book offers him a choice – Pablo can say the word to send the book back to its own dimension and that will be the end of the book. Just as Ash starts riding the Delta ala the Mechanical Bull he remembers his Dad’s tips on how to stay on, Ash drives his chainsaw into the Delta’s engine/heart just as Pablo says the word. A dimension gateway appears in the boot in the Delta and the book is tossed in…

Ruby and Kelly are having problems with the spawn Kelly helps Ruby with the Kandarian dagger and they go about offing the spawn in a Kandarian dagger stab-a-thon. Offing the last the spawn, Ruby knows the Necronomicon is gone but that something else has come through.

This episode felt like it was a building episode for the rest of the season and with the last moment of the episode points to the big bad for this season. The Ruby situation will be interesting to see how it plays out for the rest of the season because she clearly can’t be trusted. This show is always trying something new and is always finding ways to keep it fresh for the audience.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

Images: IMDb & Forbes

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