Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead S2, E5 – Confinement

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After last episodes ending, we find out straight away just who has come through the portal – Baal. Baal and Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, would have heaps to talk about when it comes to human skin removal. It must be said however that Baal has the far cleaner method.

So our crew plus the Sheriff, his family & Chet plus a few cops and a hooker are all snuggly in the police station. Ruby alerts everyone to Baal’s presence and we suddenly have a The Thing type situation. No one trusts anyone and the person in charge is the one with the gun. In this case its Ruby and Kelly and in the sheriffs case – a very untrusting Ruby leads to a very painful leg wound.

Down in the holding cells Baal is wearing another one of the cops as a suit and seduces Ruby easily – its seems to be his thing, even when he isn’t him – and when he reveals himself, he is very familiar with Ruby if you know what I mean. They discuss being mortal and getting old and Baal establishes himself as the most fearsome villain so far in AvED when he threatens to tear apart this world just so Ruby can watch.

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Meanwhile upstairs things have gone to hell. The sheriff now has the gun and Ash is in danger of being executed right there and then. Pablo is really starting to feel the effects of the deal he made with The Book of the Dead, as something is happening to him. Pablo is then the next in line under the gun. Ash ends up downstairs with the Sheriff and Linda (one of his favourite Linda’s), the skinless corpse reanimates and starts to attack. Once again the Chainsaw comes into play and if you’ve ever wanted to see a skinless corpses get cut vertically in half by a chainsaw – this is your Woodstock.

When Ruby arrives back upstairs Pablo is still in a bad way, thinking he is becoming Baal, Ruby says no but that he just maybe the thing that can stop him, as some Sumarian text appears on his body…

After swapping things up once again, Baal is now in the house and it looks like we will have him for at least 3 episodes and maybe 5. A strong villain to offset the craziness of the AvED universe is just another way in which this show just keeps getting stronger.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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