Movie Review: Tsunambee

Tsunambee poster


Directors: Thomas Martwick, Milko Davis
Writer: Milko Davis (as Milko Davis)
Stars: Stacy Pederson, Ruselis Aumeen Perry, Shale Le Page


The insect as a horror movie monster is a time tested standard that is usually more cheesy than serious. For every Arachnophobia (mostly serious and seriously effective), there are 10 Ants! (seriously cheesy from top to bottom). I don’t know about you, but I tend to enjoy both varieties, so I was excited to see Tsunambee. What could be better than a tsunami of giant, killer bees taking revenge on the humans that have almost driven them out of existence? We may never know because Tsunambee is a biblical based film dressed up in a zombie apocalypse costume while claiming to be an insect run amok horror.

tsunambee image

Basically, it’s the end of the world as we know it and the killer bees feel fine. A motley group of ethnic stereotypes find themselves thrown together and they must see past their differences if they want to survive. While it’s cool and modern that the sheriff who is leading the group is a woman, she also allows her feelings to get in the way of making decisions. Bitches, man.

tsunambee image

After a lot of traversing through the wasteland once known as L.A., our survivors happen upon the token isolated farmhouse. Will they find friend or foe? How about a God fearing man and his daughter? A daughter who is not attacked by the bees because she’s blessed. Why and how is she blessed? No clue. I also don’t fully understand if the walking dead are supposed to be zombies, if this is an indictment or celebration of biblical prophecies or WTF happened at the end. Was it a nod to Candyman or something that went completely over my head? I don’t know, but I do know that Tsunambee has a lot of interesting points of view that get mucked up in the distracting amount of Instagram filter effects, overall lack of bee action and the fact that the bees really look more like wasps. There are so many different ideas vying for your attention in such a small window of time, that it’s hard to focus on one thing and it seems as though the filmmakers ran into the same problem.

Lisa Fremont | Twitter: @lcfremont
Images courtesy of October Coast PR

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