Recap: Ash Vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead, S3 – E03

Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 poster

Ash Vs Evil Dead…

Apparently Dead opens with Ash and Brandy attending Candy’s funeral. The funeral director tells Ash that they re-attached her head and well that is basically a deadite invitation. In one of AvED’s scarier moments, Ash is pulled into the casket. The ensuing fight inside the casket has plenty of nightmare images whilst in true AvED style still maintains a sense of humour. Ash of course manages to escape the coffin in the middle of the service much to everyone’s horror.. but that is the least of Ash’s worries. Brandy wants to move in with her guidance counselor, only problem is that Ruby is that guidance counselor. Ash of course is having none of this and tells Brandy about what Ruby is – and is duly shut down. Kelly, Pablo and Dalton arrive at the funeral and Ash fills them in. Pablo gets another visit from his nude mystical ancestor to add to his ever growing list of weird shit happening to him. Now as the ghost beaters know, the only way to kill Ruby is with the Kandarian Dagger and there is only one place that the dagger is – the ruins of the cabin. Kelly, Pablo and Dalton all head out there whilst Ash goes to talk to Brandy.

Ash vs evil dead image

Meanwhile Ruby drops off Brandy to gather her things from Ash’s house and then drives on to the cemetery to do some Ruby stuff. That stuff happens to be raising the dead and more specifically Brock Williams, Ash’s father who got his head squished by a possessed Delta in Season 2. After a really gross shower Brock is back in the land of the living. Brock sets about making friends with Brandy, which is a cog in Ruby’s plan – get Brock to turn Brandy against Ash (honestly he wouldn’t have to try too hard). Ash comes home to find his newly resurrected father chatting with his daughter as they make fun of his Ashy Slashy TV ad. History and experience Ash knows that anything that comes back from the dead can’t be good and Brock and Ash have the fight that had been coming. It ends with Ash driving his chainsaw through his pops and in the process showering Brandy in grue.

We haven’t forgotten about Kelly, Pablo and Dalton have we? Pablo finds the dagger and the evil finds the group scattering the in every direction. Dalton rather surprisingly (to be honest) get caught by the evil and impaled on tree, Kelly finds him and Dalton claims that Pablo did this…before turning into a deadite. Pablo looks to finish Dalton off with judicious use of the car and he slams into Dalton and they go careening into the mist of the forest. Kelly chases the car down but when she gets there both Pablo and Dalton are gone…

Ash vs evil dead image

So no mention of the evil spawn this episode, I am sure that we will see junior soon enough. With Brandy on her way to stay with Ruby, a shocking confrontation is surely in the offing. What has happened to Pablo? Is he injured? A deadite? Possessed? Why was Dalton killed – seems like a waste of a character…is there more to come from him? All these questions probably won’t be answered in the next episode but I will still be watching it. Probably the weakest episode of this season and it was still great – says something for this seasons quality.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
Images: Starz

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