Book Review: Dexter Boomstick

Dexter Boomstick cover art

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There is something to be said for a book that commands you to keep on reading. Sometimes it is writing style, the story or the characters – in the case of Dexter Boomstick it’s all three.

The book has moments where it channels Stephen King – small town and small town characters in peril – but this is not a King clone. M. P. Lombardo keeps you turning the page, first by plonking you straight into the middle of the mysterious happenings and then little by little more is revealed about the characters.

Lombardo’s main character Dexter ‘Boomstick’ Reynolds (nicknamed because of his Baseball striking ability when he was younger) is your everyday hero. A guy that just wants to do the right thing, tries to be nice to everyone and loves his girlfriend Roxanne. When a crazy storm ushers in some monstrous creatures, Dexter sets about finding Roxanne and in the process maybe just save his town…

Lombardo introduces some crazy twists and you think it maybe a sci-fi story but quickly veers into horror monster territory. It is pulpy, not in its prose but the way the characters are portrayed. Dexter is the take charge hero and there are the side characters that all fill in these pulpy archetypes – however the female characters were under used and kind of just there to be rescued and be romantic objects. However, the entire rescuing your love story is a tale as old as time itself  and it isn’t a huge issue (well it wasn’t for me) and it does not derail the story and these archetypes do work perfectly within the story’s parameters.

I loved all the creatures in the book and how they were described, Lombardo has a way of giving you the nitty gritty (or gooey) of each creature. The way this book is written reminds me of John Ridley’s book (and film) U-Turn – the stories are polar opposites but in the way things are described keeps leading you to the next event.

Dexter Boomstick is just a ride. It’s fun, it’s violent and sometimes kinda gross – all the good things! If you enjoy an irreverent style of writing and a rollercoaster of a story then this is definitely for you.

Ryan Morrrisey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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