Movie Review: Another Wolfcop

Another Wolfcop poster

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Director: Lowell Dean
Writer: Lowell Dean
Stars: Leo Fafard, Yannick Bisson, Amy Matysio


With it’s opening scene, Another WolfCopassures us that nothing has changed for Lou Garou. He’s still a “lycan lawman” fuelled by alcohol, porn and a giant wolf cock. He’s supposed to keep himself locked up in the local animal shelter during a full moon, but Lou isn’t one for following rules and he, ultimately, finds himself mixed up in a sinister plan hatched by a wealthy businessman who is using a brewery/hockey arena to contaminate the local residents with alien babies. I think.

Swallows (Yannick Bisson) is promoting his newest beer, Chicken Milk, as a product that will reinvigorate the local economy of Any Town Canada. With it’s “Slam a Cold Cock!”catchphrase and the fact that the brewery is also in a hockey arena, we know that these local Canadian schmucks can’t resist such temptation. Or at least, that’s what Canadian stereotypes would have us believe.

another wolfcop

While it seems unfair to nitpick the sequel of a film that is nothing but a fun, gross out horror comedy, the exact whys of the film are not always clear, but I suppose that’s really not of utmost importance when watching a film about werewolves and shapeshifters saving a small town from aliens, robots and terrible catch phrases.

With it’s Cobra-esque poster, Stranger Things Lite score, Silver Shamrock nod and tons of awesome practical effects, Another WolfCop ups the ante on the gross and the just plain wackadoo. Werewolf on human sex scene? You got it! Robot reeking carnage in the local strip club, Club Phuque? Of course! Talking penis puppets that pop out of people’s abdomens? Sure, why not?

another wolfcop image

Leo Fafard owns the role of Lou Garou and if you don’t want to be besties with Willie Higgins (Jonathan Cherry), then you don’t like having a good time. Writer/director Lowell Dean has delivered an action, horror comedy worthy of it’s predecessor: it’s grindhouse, midnight madness at it’s lycan best and it’s a plain, old good fucking time.

P.S. Be sure to stick around through the credits.

Another Wolfcop is on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital on July 3.

Lisa Fremont | Twitter: @lcfremont

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