Live Horror Radio Drama – Tales From Beyond The Pale Returns To NYC

Tales from beyond the pale poster

Tales From Beyond The Pale…

Glass Eye Pix is pleased to announce a brand new live presentation of Glenn McQuaid and Larry Fessenden’s award winning audio drama series, TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, now in its eight year of operation. The spooky anthology series takes its cues from the likes of old radio shows The Inner Sanctum and The Mercury Theatre while putting its own rich spin on the audio drama format. With 42 tales under its belt, available on CD, vinyl, and as digital downloads, TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE offers listeners a thoroughly immersive auditory experience: Observations both personal and political co-mingle with whatever creature, creep, or ghoul Fessenden and McQuaid conjure up.

On Wednesday, August 22 at 7:30 PM, as part of the Lincoln Center’s SCARY MOVIES XI, the evening will feature two brand new tales, Die Sleeping My Sweet by McQuaid, and Blackout by Fessenden, performed live at the Walter Reade Theater, with actors, foley artists, sound designers, and musicians all on stage — it is quite a sight; and if you dare to close your eyes, quite a listen! Also on offer, a very special live presentation of two epic audio poems set for a Tales Halloween release on vinyl.

Join Tales for “Autumn in August” 2018!

Catch up on four season’s worth of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE at your favorite audio outlet or buy directly from

Image: Ted Geoghegan

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