Recap: AHS Apocalypse, The Morning After – Ep 2

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Everyone is clamoring to see something from Coven and this episode delivered in a super-duper, subliminal, round-about way. The snakes at the beginning of the episode reminded this viewer of the snakes that featured heavily in the Coven branding. And when the snakes managed to make their way out of soup and back into living creatures, well, I assume witchcraft. They are, after all, in a former school for exceptional boys. (Warlocks) Or it’s as prosaic as a blatant biblical reference. Either way, no one’s getting any protein for dinner tonight.

Langdon introduces himself by asserting his power over Venable and telling everyone that earth has turned into a huge shitpile and he’s going to decide who will take on the herculean task of rebuilding it. Knowing that this would probably happen, The Cooperative has a location known as The Sanctuary. It will survive and the people populating it will survive and some of the people in Outpost 3 may also end up in the Sanctuary; but only if the cooperate. This interview process smacks of a not so thinly veiled jab at Scientology. Thankfully, you can take one of the Children of Men pills to put yourself out of your misery if you are left behind for the canker pus monsters to get you.

Langdon interviewing Mr. Gallant is simply too much to take in. On it’s own, it’s a very amusing, albeit, kind of sad story from Gallant while Langdon oozes so much sexual energy that it’s a miracle Outpost 3 has combusted from it. And the flashback of Gallant ruining one of his Nana’s dinner parties where she tried to partner him off is very Harold and Maude. Very funny. For the Murder House crowd, it is absolutely mind boggling to watch the Antichrist interview his dad. So weird to see Tate and Michael together. Fingers crossed we will see the real thing when Murder House finally figures in, but until then we will have to be satisfied with the rubber man showing up to tempt Mr. Gallant. If you will recall, in Murder House, Tate (Evan Peters) wore the rubber suit when he raped Vivien, thus creating Michael Langdon. And now we are seeing the rubber man. whom Gallant assumes is Langdon, giving it to him good. This is such a mind fuck, I feel like I’m being bent over that bed.

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Emily has a lot of chutzpah thinking that she’s smarter than Langdon. Clearly not smart enough to find it highly suspicious that Langdon would just leave his laptop open, signed into his email where her and Kyle would be able to see all of the information about the apocalypse. Oh, well. I suppose all Emily really needed to see was the bit about voluntary copulation not actually being against the rules. It’s all very Adam and Eve with these two.

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Just in case you thought we weren’t going to get a timely reference to politics and culture, Venable has a real Down With the Patriarchy moment with Langdon. Ultimately, he once again, proves his power by allowing her to spew vitriol about various inhabitants of the Outpost only to humiliate her by exposing her greatest weakness. But that’s cool, because she can make herself feel better and get off on the power she wields while torturing Mr. Gallant for having sex even though she has absolutely no reason to continue to enforce this rule after Langdon called her out for it.

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What’s with the Hardy Boys story? Is this important later or simply an avenue for Coco to go off on her hilarious rant about how we simply have far too many choices in life these days. We have so many options for things now; dental floss, air fresheners, burgers…even actors named Chris who can carry a superhero film. Evie talking about Ten Little Indians in order to gain her golden ticket while giving us the backstory on her grandson was all such a lovely pop culture gift while also giving credence to her argument that someone needs to stick around to tell people about the past. And then Gold Dust Woman starts playing? Enter the second Coven reference of the episode and the push that Mr. Gallant needed to kill his own Nana. Seriously, look up the lyrics. It’s perfection in this moment. Did he need to think he was having another rendezvous with Rubber Man? Sure, but this episode is pretty heavy handed with the temptation of sex and it’s consequences.

Apparently, next week is All Hallows Eve in Outpost 3. We all know what that means; spirits can roam the earth freely. Perhaps we will finally get a taste of Coven and Murder House. 


Syracuse, New York, Beckley West Virginia and San Angelo Texas. Why explicitly name the cities?
Haven’t we all learned to NOT go to a place called The Sanctuary? And is the sanctuary the Murder House?
Just because you throw in a cheeky reference to The Hunger Games, it doesn’t make it ok to subject us to what feels like a moderately boring television version of it.
“No need for rules anymore. Chaos has won.”
If we’re going the biblical route, are all of the 7 deadly sins represented by the characters in the Outpost?
Just because you know it’s a bullshit rule, don’t just revel in the afterglow of sex. Your hubris is showing, Emily.
Is Kyle actually a member of MI6? Where did he get those killer fighting moves all of a sudden?
Ms. Meade’s wound totally went over my head. My initial thought was, “She’s a robot just like Ash in Alien?” I suppose she’s infected with whatever is killing everyone off, but it hasn’t come to the surface yet. Or not. I like the idea of her being a military robot.

Lisa Fremont | Twitter: @lcfremont 

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