Haddonfield Horror’s Best Of 2018

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Haddonfield’s Best Of 2018…

Another year is almost in the books and once again we’ve all found a bunch of horror (and a bit of non horror) related stuff that we love. Check out the lists of what we loved below and let us know your top horror stuff in the comments below.

Ryan’s Top Horror Stuff Of 2018

1. Satan’s Slaves – The scariest film of 2018.
2. Mandy – Nic Cage goes gloriously nuts.
3. Haunting Of Hill House – Simply amazing.
4. Wolf Creek Series 2 – The best Wolf Creek story including the movies.
5. Suspiria – I really loved this take, sure it’s more arthouse than horror but the horror within the film is gory and gorgeous.
6. Hereditary – Because families are frightening.
7. Video Palace / The Horror Of Dolores Roach – I’ve bundled these two podcasts together, both with different styles of telling a story but both are engaging and excellent examples of the incredible creativity that is out there.
8. Cold Hell – You won’t find a better serial killer thriller in 2018.

Dusty’s Top Horror Stuff Of 2018

1. Hereditary
2. Annihilation
3. A Quiet Place
4. Strangers: Prey At Night
5. The Ritual
6. Halloween
7. Mandy
8. Terrifier

Dusty’s Best Horror TV shows – The Haunting of Hill House 10 times.

Lisa’s Top Horror (and not horror) of 2018


Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips: Because being a parent isn’t scary enough.
The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor: If this hasn’t already been optioned for a film or television series, then I don’t know what’s wrong with the world.
I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer by Michelle McNamara – This book legitimately scared the bejeezus out of me.
The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager: I expect to see both of his novels adapted into films any minute now.
The Murders of Molly Southbourne by Tade Thompson: This is a wacked out story that just kind of concludes without resolution, but you don’t mind because it’s so engaging and crazy.


The Haunting of Hill House: Probably the best horror of the year in any format.
Marcella: If you love Luther, you love Marcella.
Queer Eye: If you need to be reminded that there are truly good, kind people in this world and we can all find common ground outside of our perceived differences, watch an episode and feel better about humanity.


Revenge: Best rape/revenge movie ever??
Tigers Are Not Afraid: Love Pan’s Labyrinth? You love this movie. And so does Guillermo del Toro.
Lowlife: An interweaving storyline movie with very topical commentary that will having you asking, Tarantino who?
Summer of 84: Seems like another retread of 80’s nostalgia until the last twenty minutes gut you and break your heart.
You Were Never Really Here: Joaquin Phoenix is a national treasure.
Cam: Social commentary wrapped up in a beautiful, neon female empowered package.
Special mentions for acting

The Clovehitch Killer: Dylan Mc Dermott is incredible in this film. He just keeps on delivering great performances that not enough people talk about. Overall, the movie is kind of like if Summer of 84 and I’ll Be Gone In the Dark had a baby. Watch it.

The House That Jack Built: It’s a Lars von Trier film, so it’s full of itself and an hour too long, BUT Matt Dillon is fucking fantastic as Jack. The film itself is fine, but Dillon is something to see. Come for the serial killer story and then feel free to bail during the Divine Comedy business towards the end.

Eric’s Best Horror Things of 2018

Sick for Toys
Forgive the pun, but Camille Montgomery’s performance “kills it,” in this often bizarre, torture Christmas film. The season may be past, but consider this film a belated present.

This is perfect for the new year, as it is a New Year’s Eve murderous romp. I suppose a resolution to kill is still, by definition, a goal.

Nicolas Cage in Mandy
Mandy itself is a decent film, even if I didn’t personally find it as appealing as others. However, Nic Cage is absolutely fantastic. He alone makes the film a viewing delight and makes chugging a bottle of vodka in a bathroom something we should all try

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