Fantasia 2019 Review: The Wretched [-FILM-]

The Wretched Poster

The Wretched…

Directors: Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce
Writers: Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce
Stars: Azie Tesfai, Piper Curda, Kevin Bigley


Celebrating it’s world premiere at the 2019 Fantasia Film Festival, The Wretched is a m odern day fairy tale that clings to the grim reality of what a fairy tale actually is. You won’t find any gorgeous young ladies with a witch predicament that can be fixed by the attention of a strong, handsome man. Well, not in the Disney sense at least.

The Wretched Image

Starring John Paul Howard as Ben, this handsome young man is a troubled teen dealing with the fallout of his parents’ impending divorce. Visiting his father for the summer, Ben almost immediately notices that things at the neighbor’s house may not be what they seem.

Our gorgeous woman, Abbie, is the mom next door and she definitely has a witch problem. Played by Zarah Mahler, Abbie is one of those moms who seems to exist only in movies and on Pinterest; she’s hip, keeps a clean, beautiful house, is extra loving with her children and husband and can even properly break down a buck for meat. It is this buck, however, that brings an unwanted visitor to Abbie’s house.

The Wretched Image

Written and directed by Brett and Drew Pierce, The Wretched draws from a myriad of influences, most notably, Fright Night and Rear Window, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another run of the mill mash up of genre influences. The Pierce Brothers have crafted a witch story with likable characters, genuine scares and some seriously amazing FX work. A witch born from root, rock and tree, she is a truly menacing force that is here to take your children, but who can stop her if no one realizes their children are missing? Alongside his new friend Mallory, Ben will unearth, both literally and figuratively, the truth about the witch who seems to have moved in next door and it is a spooky ride. The Wretched is not to be missed and The Pierce Brothers are on the road to being heavy hitters in the horror genre.

Played as part of Fantasia Film Festival 2019

Lisa Fremont
Images: Fantasia Film Festival

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