Review: Bloodline [-FILM-]

Bloodline Poster


Director: Henry Jacobson
Writers: Avra Fox-Lerner, Will Honley
Stars: Seann William Scott, Mariela Garriga, Dale Dickey


Evan is living a blessed life with a beautiful wife, a nice house and a job that he loves. Working as a high school counselor with at risk kids, Evan hears about physical abuse, drug addicted parents and the always present creepy uncle. This happy existence is turned sideways when viewing the birth of his son triggers long held memories of abuse in his own past. It’s the reality of bringing home the baby that really pushes Evan over the edge, though. The endless cycle of crying, feeding, diaper changing, a wife dealing with postpartum depression, all of the actual things that happen when you bring home a baby that no one ever tells you about, these are the things that cause a sleep deprived Evan to find an avenue for stress relief. With whispers of Giallo and DePalma, Bloodline is Maniac for new parents. If that’s a thing? I just made it one.

Bloodline Image

A comedy staple for the past couple of decades, Sean William Scott will make you forget all about Steve Stifler when he uses his gleaming hunting knife to take out the human trash. It’s impossible not to bring up Dexter, so like Dexter before him, Evan satisfies his urge to kill by justifying it with the fact that his victims are the very adults who cause pain and heartache to his students. With a wife who conveniently asks very little questions about where he goes at night and a mother who has come to help with the baby, Evan certainly has a lot of free time for a parent of a newborn, so perhaps he should have made it less obvious that all of his victims can be traced back to him.

While Evan kills by night and works by day, we slowly see his history as the son of a single mother. Evan and his mother, Marie, have a very special bond and in the hands of a different actress, Marie could have come off like a bad rendition of what we imagine Norma Bates to have been, but Dale Dickey is not to be trifled with and her mama bear attitude is what creates the blueprint for Evan to grow up to be such a fierce patriarch. Ultimately, the real threat to their idyllic life lies within their own home and the suspense of how everything will play out never ratchets up to what it could be.

Bloodline image

Indeed, the overall feel of the movie is a bit less menacing than it could or should be, which is a shame because the cast came to play and the kill scenes are truly great: brutal, quick and bloody, the effects department is to be applauded for some really amazing work. With his first feature film, director Henry Jacobson paints a palette made up of directors whose work he clearly admires, but this does not elevate the story up to where it should be. Opening the film with a lovely wide angle kill scene full of gratuitous nudity sets a tone that will not be maintained for the remaining ninety minutes and this is what causes the story to start and stop in such a way that you easily find yourself falling out of the feeling. The kills are gritty and glamorous and a shot of adrenaline, but the everyday things that happen in-between are, well, banal like everyday life can be.

Lisa Fremont

Review courtesy of TrueHorror.Net
Image: IMDb

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