Review: Malvolia’s Halloween Party [-WEB-]

Malvolia's Halloween Party Image

Malvolia’s Halloween Party…

Director: Paul Stephen Edwards
Writers: Jennifer Nangle
Stars: Reyna Meee Velarde, Sarah Schultz, Brialynn Massie, Charles Chudabala, Thomas Haley, Hunter Thompson, Sheri Davis, Jennifer Nangle


The queen is back! Malvolia’s annual Halloween party is on again and of course that means fun… for Malvolia and her collection of ghouls, not so much fun for the victim.

Malvolia's Halloween Party Image

This year the party is invite only and when Jessie (Schultz) crashes the party, she is cautiously welcomed but also notices that the other guests and a bit special… less human… and more monster-ish. Despite all warnings she can see, Jessie wants to meet her queen. Malvolia enters and Jessie finds out why it’s not good to be the only human at a monster party.

Malvolia's Halloween Party Image

Malvolia’s Halloween Party is a hell of a lot of fun with a great streak of dark humour. Everyone is having a great time in this and the comic timing is spot on. As always Nangle is great as the titular host whilst the large cast are all good and they are all giving their best. The episode is a really fun one, and is made with a sense of humour by people who care about the end product. This Halloween Party is definitely worth turning up to.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
Images: Queen Scream Productions

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