Lilith Trailer

LILITH is a horror anthology, which follows the Demon Lilith, who punishes men for their indiscretions against women. A figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud between the 3rd and 5th centuries, Lilith is a dangerous demon of the night seeking her revenge. As she follows 4 men who have sinned against women, a detective is trying to stop her before she executes each victim and claims their souls.

Malvolia Rises Again This October

October can only mean one thing… Halloween will soon be upon us! Harvest days turn into crisp fall evenings where terror is lurking in the shadows… Ready to pounce at any given moment! And one alluring vixen is ready to do just that!

Review: Malvolia’s Halloween Party [-WEB-]

Malvolia's Halloween Party...Director: Paul Stephen EdwardsWriters: Jennifer NangleStars: Reyna Meee Velarde, Sarah Schultz, Brialynn Massie, Charles Chudabala, Thomas Haley, Hunter Thompson, Sheri Davis, Jennifer NangleReviewThe queen is back! Malvolia's annual Halloween party is on again and of course that means fun... for Malvolia and her collection of ghouls, not so much fun for the victim.This... Continue Reading →

Film Review: (Short) That Night

That Night...Directors: Joseph R. Davis, Brian GersonWriters: Jennifer Nangle, Garrett LeeStars: Jennifer Nangle, Amanda Cano, Raymond Williams, Garrett LeeReviewThat Night is nihilistic, depressing and it's also very good.When Rachel (Nangle) and Josh (Lee) make their way to an engagement party, it is pretty clear that everything is not going well for this couple. Rachel doesn't... Continue Reading →

Do You Know What Happened That Night?

That Night - [Trailer]...Check out the trailer for the short film That Night. The film will be available on the 31st January, 2019.Based on a True Story, Rachel and Josh Pena attend an engagement party when the night unexpectedly turns into a nightmare. An act of fate places this couple in a home where the... Continue Reading →

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