Review: The Nights Before Christmas (Blood In The Snow Festival) [-FILM-]

The Nights Before Christmas Poster

The Nights Before Christmas…

Director: Paul Tanter
Writers: Simon Phillips, Paul Tanter
Stars: Simon Phillips, Jennifer Willis, Sayla de Goede


After their first slaughter in Once Upon A Time At Christmas, the Claus’ are back for a second helping. Playing at the Blood In The Snow festival, The Nights Before Christmas is the bloody sequel.

At large again, thanks to a bloody ruse Santa (Phillips) and Ms. Claus (de Goede) are checking their naughty or nice list and brutally offing these people. With the FBI on their trail, the Claus’ enact their plan to get to their end game. The Nights Before Christmas is a very enjoyable but predictable and ultimately silly slasher, that tries a bit too hard, when it just had to keep it simple. That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty to like here.

The Nights Before Christmas Image

Phillips and de Goede are great, reprising their roles. Phillips is genuinely threatening whilst still managing to be a cartoonish villian, whilst de Goede is fantastic in her role. Despite it being a complete trope of the ‘psycho chick’ she makes it her own and the moments she gets one on one with other characters she really gets to shine. The other characters aren’t as interesting which is a shame because we spend a lot of time with these characters.

The Nights Before Christmas Image

A cat and mouse thriller with killers being two steps ahead of the cops is also a well worn plot but they have fun with it and play it true and earnestly. However, part of the charm is waiting to see the Claus’ strike next and what kind of inventive or punishing kill happens. The frustrating thing is that the cops/FBI are not the smartest and fall into the Claus’ traps more than they should.

The film however looks great and Tanter’s directing is exceptional. The film consistently looks like it has a far higher budget than it does and that is a testament to Tanter and cinematographers Jamie Bailey & Julian Garofalo. A fun slasher that has some great moments, The Nights Before Christmas will fulfil all your murderous Santa needs!

Played at BITS Festival

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
Images: BITS

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