Review: Hang Up!

Hang up Poster

Hang Up!…

Director: Richard Powell
Writer: Richard Powell
Stars: Astrida Auza, Robert Nolan, Jane Pokou


Hang Up! is the latest short film from Fatal Pictures, written and directed by Richard Powell.

When Gary (Nolan) answers a call from his wife Emelia (Auza), he finds out that it is just a harmless butt dial and he is about to hang up but then he hears something on the phone, is his wife cheating? Is it something else? As he listens in, he finds that it is something that he could not ever imagine.

Hang up! Image

Hang Up! is literally just someone listening to a conversation but holy fuck – the language used in this conversation is as rough as watching someone getting hit in the face with a brick. The camera just catches Gary’s reaction to the conversation he over hears, we are privy to watching every blow the words make on Gary’s psyche.

Hang up! image

Everything in this short film wouldn’t work if even just one of the elements was off. Powell’s writing is pointed and sharp (also who hurt you, Mr Powell), Robert Nolan says about ten words and the rest is a silent performance and it is one of the best you’ll see and Astrida Auza whom we only hear, brings her A-game in such a committed role that makes an impact despite never being seen. Powell’s directing is top notch too. Shot in black and white, it’s a story that really doesn’t lend itself to much camera movement but Powell creates some great and inventive angles that complement the story.

Hang Up! is worth checking out and is an unexpectedly brutal experience.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
Images: Fatal Pictures

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