Review: Tingle Monsters (Short Film)

Tingle Monsters…

Director: Alexandra Serio
Writer: Alexandra Serio
Stars: Alexandra Serio, Kareem Rahma


In Tingle Monsters Alexandra Serio (Writer, Director and Star) takes aim at how female are viewed on the internet and that words and their intent are a jumping off point for violence or at the very least the possibility of violence toward women and Serio succeeds in getting her point across.

The film is shot from a livestream perspective (like Unfriended but less busy) an ASMR vlogger (Serio) is just getting back into her ASMR livestream, she has been away for a while and is about to tell everyone about what happened when the streams starts to become something entirely different. A simple setup but one that is used well, we see all her fans commenting in the livestream – praising her return but then we also see the comments that you see everyday on the socials – ‘You’re hot’ all the way through to ‘You should suck my c*ck’ – the escalation in the comments is spot on and Serio just calls it out and there is absolutely no way you argue with it, because you see and read it every time you are online.

Serio herself carries the short film as she is the only character in the short film and interacts with the comments on screen and of course her ASMR work. If ASMR is your thing, then this might work for you on both levels. If ASMR isn’t for you (personally I got none of the feelings that ASMR devotees do) the film does highlight what a woman puts up with just to be online and that words can possibly lead to worse things but it works just as well as a straight story.

This short film can be seen at
Fri, March 6: 8:45pm- Century 20 Redwood City – Screen 2
Sat, March 7: 11:30am- California Theatre, San Jose
Wed, March 11- 9:15pm- Century 20 Redwood City- Screen 2
Sun, March 15- 10:15am- Century 20 Redwood City- Screen 1

Upcoming festivals:
Oxford Film Festival
Cleveland International Film Festival
Sarasota Film Festival

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78
Images: Alexandra Serio

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