Review: Bleed With Me [Blood In The Snow Festival]

  • Director: Amelia Moses
  • Writer: Amelia Moses
  • Stars: Lee Marshall, Lauren Beatty, Aris Tyros


Playing as part of the Blood In The Snow Festival Bleed With Me, is a psychological horror, that makes you question which or more correctly whose reality you are in.

Emily (Beatty), Brendan (Tyros) and Rowan (Marshall) take a trip up to Emily’s parents cabin. Normally it would probably be a romantic trip just for Emily and Brendan but this time Rowan, Emily’s friend is tagging along, it’s alluded to throughout that Rowan has some unresolved issues which in the past has led to Self Harm. Rowan has a huge infatuation with Emily and so everything that Emily does is of course, exalted by Rowan. Until Rowan begins to suspect that Emily is stealing her blood…

The understated nature of Bleed With Me, belies the heavy theme running through the film. Trauma (of all kinds), addiction and its spreading side effects sit heavy on the characters. The film also deals with Gaslighting and the notion that you’re crazy if you think anything odd is happening.

Beatty, Mashall and Tyros play their parts well, Beatty and Marshall getting the best of the script, Marshall having a particularly rough part to play which she puts her all in to. Moses directs the film really well, from her own script and it is good to see a writer/director make their vision come to life.

Bleed With Me is a well made film. It looks fantastic for what I imagine is a small budget film and more importantly for a horror, it is a film that keeps you on edge. An uneasiness simmers away throughout the film and it would be unfair of me not to mention how good the score is too, which further enhances this feeling. A great little film, that isn’t afraid to let you draw your own conclusions.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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