Review: Anything For Jackson (2020)

  • Director: Justin G. Dyck
  • Writer: Keith Cooper
  • Stars: Sheila McCarthy, Julian Richings, Konstantina Mantelos


Grief does strange things to people. When you lose someone you love, what would you do to get them back? In the case of Audrey (McCarthy) and Henry (Richings) Walsh, you turn to satanic rituals to try and raise your grandson, Jackson, from the dead. To do this also requires the abduction of a pregnant woman (Mantelos).

Audrey and Henry give the outward appearance of a quiet regular older couple and the film plays on that a lot. Some dark humour is drawn from their community duty to show up to the local Satanists meeting whilst trying to keep their plans quiet. However when the inexperienced occultists try to raise their grandson, they accidentally open the door to the spirit world, so not only is Jackson there waiting but so are countless other entities.

All of sudden the Walsh home becomes a haunted house. Spirits popping up and haunting the couple. This is where the film has fun and excels. Some of the effects are understated but effective. However there is a fantastic moment featuring a basic Halloween ghost costume (sheet with eyes cut out) and it is one of the best effects I have seen this year, simple but so effective.

Dyck directs this really well, the films flows perfectly, the shock moments are well timed and the quieter moments all mean something. Cooper’s script is also excellent, the elements of horror and understated black comedy are perfectly melded together.

Anything For Jackson is a great ride with plenty of surprises and should be on your must see list for 2020.

Now playing on Shudder.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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