Review: Lucky (2021)

  • Director: Natasha Kermani
  • Writer: Brea Grant
  • Stars: Brea Grant, Hunter C. Smith, Kristina Klebe


Once in a while a film comes along that only a woman could write and only a woman could direct because the subject matter is something that a cis gender man simply cannot ever fully understand. And this is why Brea Grant’s Lucky will probably prove to be polarizing, confusing and offensive to some, but incisive, clever, on the nose and an emotional relief to others.

Written by and starring Brea Grant as May, she lives in a picture perfect suburban house where she is stalked by a man who returns every single night. After being told by her publisher that her book just isn’t selling and he’s trying to get her signed for another book deal, it’s easy to assume that, perhaps, May is simply suffering from a nervous breakdown and imagining the man who enters her home each night. But then how do we explain her husband who also sees the intruder and even flippantly makes fun of her fear of him?

Directed by Natasha Kermani, Lucky utilizes the small suburban home that has become May’s mental prison to subtly execute all of the minute things going on that are all quietly adding to the depth and complexity of the story. The score and the camera work are also background actors of the movie, helping slowly amp up the anxiety and alleged craziness happening in May’s world.

Speaking on the story too much absolutely does a disservice to the film and I would recommend going in cold. Just watch the movie and see where it takes you. Grant has taken what is a daily, lifetime issue for women and turned it into something digestible and accessible for everyone.

Lucky is available on Shudder now.

Lisa Fremont

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