FACIES (El Semblante), by Raúl Cerezo and Carlos Moriana, to compete at Fantasia International Film Festival

The latest short by Raúl Cerezo and Carlos Moriana, EL SEMBLANTE (FACIES), will screen on Saturday July 15, in the Official Competition Section of the Fantasia International Film Festival, one of the world’s most prestigious genre festivals, whose 26th edition will run from July 14 to August 3.

Starring Carlos Santos, Daniel Ortiz and Lucía Díez, this short won the most awards at the last edition of the Premios Fugaz.

An intense horror thriller about pain, tyranny and the atrocities committed during the time of the Spanish Inquisition.


Spain. 1692. The Holy Inquisition is sunken in decadence and decay. The reaction of those behind its workings is to become more merciless than ever. An inquisitor has, for years, been searching for the perfect torture machine, capable of bringing the purest form of pain to any face, and so show the world the terrible consequences of serving the Devil. With the engineer’s new invention, a machine known as “El Semblante” (“Facie”), a terrifying torture chair, achieving that objective seems a foregone conclusion. But Elena, the engineer’s daughter, has other plans…

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