A B-horror short film with a rockabilly vibe, Don’t Litter in Prospect Park!! is premiering at the New York City Short Comedy Film Festival 4PM Sunday, Nov 20th. (Click link for tix).

Christopher Wells was motivated to produce a satirical film after his beloved park was vandalized by complete…. assholes! It was the worst the park has ever seen, every trashcan was kicked over, litter was thrown everywhere, including the dog pond. It was horrible and he wanted bloody vengeance!

After partaking in the cleanup he was still pissed so he wrote a script where the characters who play litterbugs are idiots. Yes, these greasers with the big John Travolta hair are wonderfully stupid and are hunted down by a deranged madman wearing a mask made out of a recycled plastic milk jug. His heavy breathing fury results in over the top carnage.

“It’s so dumb, it’s brilliant,” said one person at a test screening.

Logline: A trio of greasers attempt a sadistic takeover of Prospect Park to make it more mean. Little do they know, an obsessively anti-littering madman lurks in the woods preying on them.

If you hate litter but love sweet vengeance with a big ol’ slice of retro, you’ll go hair pulling crazy when you watch Don’t Litter in Prospect Park!!

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