Book Review: Russian Sleep Experiment

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Author: Holly Ice


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure I should review this, seeing as I am very well versed in the creepypasta. I even watched a Dark Matter segment a while back, but I did. Safe to say I’m drawn to this story, though I am unsure why.

The book itself starts out slow, but with a sense of purpose. This is happening for a reason and you can’t help but feel and sense that something is coming… The only question is it gloom or fear? The gloom was certainly already oppressively present as the narrator described the camp. Even I was feeling a bit sad by the end of part one.

Part two is where things where things get interesting. Logs and reports are present, they appear to replicate those seen in the creepypasta. If not BE the same ones. The storytelling here also becomes intense as the experiment takes hold.

You also get the perspective of the doctors, not just in reports but as dialogue.It’s an insight we’ve not really got before, it has of course been speculated, but Ms. Ice does it beautifully. Making me both hate the doctors yet, somehow be intrigued by their work. My one major complaint is that the pictures included were not necessary they took me out of the story.

All and all I don’t want to give too much away here. It is a well researched book and seeing as there does not seem to be a glut of fiction books on this subject. This was a great pre-Halloween read, or anytime indeed. Good books are really amazing, especially if they can make you feel the emotional resonance.

Lacie Grayson

Twitter: @fkmuse

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