Interview with Clowntown star Lauren Elise

@dinsmorality reviews...Eric Dinsmore got to have a chat to Lauren Elsie about her experience making Clowntown.I see this is your first time working in a horror film. How was this experience different from other genres?The horror genre is very, very different. Being that this was my first feature within the genre, I felt so many emotions... Continue Reading →

Interview with Red Christmas director Craig Anderson

Interview...@TigersMS78 got to ask Red Christmas director Craig Anderson a few questions. Anderson talks about getting Dee Wallace on board, writing the stupidest film possible and 10,000 VHS tapes.InterviewWhat is your story?I'm an Australian comedy director who has done a bunch of television down under, but always loved horror.How did Red Christmas come about?I tried... Continue Reading →

Interview with Heir director Richard Powell

@dinsmorality interviews...@dinsmorality got to the chance to ask Heir director Richard Powell a few questions about his short film. Check out the interview below and check out Heir when you get the chance. There is much I want to discuss with the making of this film, but let's start with its central idea: child abuse.... Continue Reading →

Interview with James Cullen Bressack

@lcfremont interviews...James Cullen Bressack has made an impressive amount of films during his time in the horror industry. He made his first film at age 18 and is currently responsible for directing 30, writing 32 and producing 40 films. Recently, James and I spoke about his latest release Restorationwhich is premiering on VOD May 3.... Continue Reading →

Interview with Abner Pastoll

@lcfremont interviews...Writer, director and producer Abner Pastoll has been steeped in cinema his whole life and now his unique take on the medium is being shared with the world. His latest film Road Games (review here)was recently released and he was kind enough to answer some questions via email AND speak with me over the... Continue Reading →

Interview with Ryan Turek

@lcfremont interviews...Ryan Turek has been diligently working in the horror industry and spreading the love for years and all of his hard work has paid off in the form of becoming Director of Development at Blumhouse. Recently, I had the pleasure of sharing a cup of coffee with him on the rooftop patio at the... Continue Reading →

Interview with Anthony Stabley

@lcfremont interviews...Off the back of @lcfremont's review of Everlasting (click here), she also interviewed the films' director Anthony Stabley and you can read all about it below.Everlasting is not your first film to explore the less glamorous side of Hollywood. Is there aspecific reason behind why you want to expose the pitfalls of pursuing fame?I’m attracted... Continue Reading →

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