Film Review: Relic (2020)

Relic employs a slow, steady pace that allows this black, intangible entity to creep through the house and create suspicion, confusion and fear before trying to consume the family entirely.

Review: Becky

There may be no greater fury than an angry thirteen year old girl and to prove this point, writers Nick Morris and Lane Skye have gifted us with Becky.

Review: The Lurker

The Lurker...Director: Eric LiberackiWriter: John Lerchen Stars: Scout Taylor-Compton, Michael Emery, Domenica Cameron-ScorseseReviewSlasher films set in a high school are a lot like people wearing pajamas to Walmart. Both are a bit too ubiquitous for my taste, but both offer the opportunity to delight and surprise or merely disappoint and make me ask, “Why?”. Sadly,... Continue Reading →

Review: Dead By Dawn

Dead By Dawn...Director: Sean CainWriter: Wes Laurie, Sean Cain (story)Stars: Drew Lindsey Mitchell, Kelcey Watson, Jamie BernadetteReviewOpening on a zen yoga scene, these quiet moments will be the last peaceful ones experienced in Dead By Dawn. Although set in modern day L.A., Dead By Dawn is a throwback to 70’s rape/revenge films and it even... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Swallow (Final Girls Berlin Film Festival)

Swallow...Director: Carlo Mirabella-DavisWriter: Carlo Mirabella-DavisStars: Haley Bennett, Austin Stowell, Denis O'Hare ReviewWe may be in the #MeToo era, but women are still living in a reality of being the “lesser” gender and many women still find themselves trapped in McMansion prisons while convincing themselves that they are lucky and happy to have such an existence.... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Color Out Of Space

Color Out Of Space...Director: Richard StanleyWriter: Scarlett Amaris, Richard StanleyStars: Nicolas Cage, Joely Richardson, Madeline Arthur, Brendan Meyer, Julian Hillard, Elliot Knight, Q'Orianka Kilcher, Tommy Chong ReviewThere are so many wackadoo elements at play in Color Out of Space that it’s hard to pinpoint how well the movie does, or does not, work. An adaptation of... Continue Reading →

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