Get onboard the Train To Busan trailer

Train To Busan...Whilst resisting the urge to say 'Who put these motherfucking zombies on this motherfucking train?' - Train To Busan looks pretty damn great - a K-Horror zombie flick - and you can check out the trailer below.The film stars Yoo Gong, Dong-seok Ma, Woo-sik Choi. Sang-ho Yeon directs.SynopsisWhile a zombie-virus breaks out in South Korea,... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Anger of the Dead

@Dinsmorality reviews...Director: Francesco PiconeWriter: Francesco PiconeStars: Aaron Stielstra, Michael Segal, Marius Bizau, Roberta SpartaReviewDear Faithful Zombie Fan,Anger of the Dead is one of those zombie movies that remind us of all that is good and bad with the genre. The film’s inherent contradiction stems from established franchises reduced to cheap knockoffs that are typically viewed through an... Continue Reading →

What We Become trailer

What We Become...Check out the trailer for What We Become below.The film stars Mille Dinesen, Ole Dupont, Mikael Birkkjær and is directed by Bo Mikkelsen.SynopsisA family of four is quarantined in their home as a virulent strand of the flu spreads into town and they are forced to the extreme to escape alive.Image:

Maggie trailer

Surprisingly downbeat trailer...Arnie's back with zombie apocalypse thriller Maggie. Abigail Breslin & Joley Richardson also star. Henry Hobson directs.SynopsisA teenage girl in the Midwest becomes infected by an outbreak of a disease that slowly turns the infected into cannibalistic zombies. During her transformation, her loving father stays by her side.Image:

Zombie Hood – Not a red riding hood parody.

Zombie Hood - Sherwood forest was never like this...BrinkVision releases the U.K. horror ZOMBIE HOOD in North America on VOD and Limited Edition DVD on October 21st! ZOMBIE HOOD has been called impressive, gory, odd-humored, and fun. The film is fragmented into parts, introducing characters skillfully into the chaos that is the post-apocalyse battleover of England.... Continue Reading →

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