The Walking Dead Season 4 – "Internment" Review *contains spoilers*

Well this season is getting grim fast. Of course surviving in a zombie outbreak would be a grim task, but there was little joy to be had here. Even though at the end of the day our heroes won, it felt more like defeat.

The episode was mainly concerned with the quarantine zone inside the prison and Hershel’s fight to keep everyone safe. He mostly failed in that regard as the inevitable zombie attack came to a head in the episodes climax. However for the most part Hershel was a compelling character to watch as he tried his hardest to hold onto his moral code and faith. Scott Wilson is the unsung hero of the cast and his Hershel brings with him enough emotional weight that helps make the character one of the most relatable in the show. This maybe considered a slow episode for the most part, but Hershel’s quiet moments are easily the episodes strongest.

Outside of Hershel there is just zombies and Rick. Of course Maggie, Glenn and Sasha all get moments to shine (for better or worse), but Rick and his undead friends have more presence as usual. Fleeting comments are made about what Rick did to Carol last episode and that is perhaps a wise decision as most of the characters at the prison have no real reason to forward that plot. Instead it is a father/son affair as Rick and Carl bond over murdering a mass group of zombies. It is easily the most ridiculous the show has been and not in a good way. The whole moment actually looks cheap as the CGI head shots litter the screen. Also when has Carl had the time to practice with an assault rifle, shouldn’t he feel some of the recoil? It is moments like this that reminds us that these characters aren’t really in danger. If a boy like Carl can wield any weapon with pinpoint accuracy then it makes the threat of the zombies seem like a joke. Thank god this action moment was juxtaposed with the chaos in the prison block. As the zombies facing Hershel seemed like a threat. But even then as soon as Maggie and her gun enter all is fine in seconds.

However aside from the orgy of zombie death Rick and Carl dish out, their interactions are actually not bad. It is nice that the show wants to delve deeper into their relationship and it is also about time. Carl is turning into an emotionally cold slayer of zombies and Rick is clearly worried. It is definitely one of the more interesting character arcs of the show, the idea that a world like this will have an adverse effect on a kid.

“Internment” maybe a little slower and not as emotionally complex as previous episodes, but there is enough here to entertain. Seeing Hershel get the spotlight was refreshing and with the return of Daryl it looks like the super flu storyline is being put to bed. Just in time as The Governor returns next week!  

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