Haddonfield X-Rated Xmas – Jack Frost Review

‘Jack Frost,’ not to be confused with the Michael Keaton family-friendly film, is a prime example of a B-Horror film being made with joy that translates so well to the screen, that while it is clearly not good, it is the perfect level of bad that people are still drawn to watch it over and over again.  

Growing up as a fan of horror, I have always found joy in the level of bad some films strive for to be unique and up the level of crazy that has been seen before.  Those who don’t appreciate the awesomely bad sub-genre of fairytale horror films like this probably don’t understand, or more so don’t care, about films that are made only to entertain with a sadistic cocktail of blood, carnage and laughs.

The film begins with a voiceover of a man gleefully telling his niece a graphic “happy scary” story about a serial killer named Jack Frost.  His story ends with Jack being captured, and then the film takes over with Jack being transported to his execution during a blizzard that causes an accident, that not only leads to his escape but also his transformation into becoming living snow via contact with an experimental chemical.  From there, the things become even more bizarre as this killer snowman then begins terrorizing the town of the sheriff that captured him. 

Don’t fuck with Frosty the Snowman
Like most holiday or fairytale-themed horror parody films, the cast is full of no name actors mixed with a few familiar faces that includes a pre ‘American Pie’ Shannon Elizabeth who dies in hilarious fashion.  No one really stands out as great in the film, but no one needs to be great because the film, while over the top and bad in every sense of the word, is more about entertaining the audience by being cheesy for sake of being cheesy.  The filmmakers knew that the idea of this film is ridiculous, so instead of trying to be too serious, they decided to embrace the craziness with hilarious kills and crazy one liners that match the insanity of what is happening to the people on screen.

Awkward on so many levels

Now, don’t get me wrong, this film is not great in the traditional sense where great actors give amazing character performances or where the film builds on a great story of intrigue and mystery.  It is a fun and simple film that doesn’t try to do anything but entertain the audience by putting a twist in something we all grew up with.  I’ve always believed that when it is clear to me that everyone had a great time making something I am watching, it becomes more entertaining.  And from my point of view they had a great time making this film.

– Review by @TheTalkingCan

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