Neil Gaiman Inspired Short in Production

Neil Gaiman sketch and photo

Writer/Director Bryan Edward Hill is currently in pre-production on his short film titled DEATH: BUTTERFLIES AND DRAGONS, based on Neil Gaiman’s immensely popular comic series. Actor Suziey Block has signed on to play the titular character…

Hill’s original story places Death at odds with a muderous sociopath.

The short film marks Hill’s first collaboration with Block, who is best known for her breakthrough performance in 2012 indie-thriller ENTRANCE. It was her performance in that film that made Hill pursue her for the role.

“It’s a dark story and a dark film,” says Hill. “Suziey’s already shown that she can stand at the center of a grim tale with her work in ENTRANCE. She really was the only person I would want to do this with, and I’m excited to capture her interpretation of Gaiman’s character. Short films are labors of love, done independently, so we as filmmakers can take more risks. I’m such a fan of the source material and I hope other fans will embrace what we do, and people unfamiliar with Gaiman’s beautiful world will be driven back to his excellent and challenging work.”

DEATH: BUTTERFLIES AND DRAGONS heads into production in late February. Hill is coproducing with his wife Evelyn Hill, under his Primal Pictures LA banner with partner Christopher Pratt. The film will be exclusively released digitally on the Reelhouse platform in Spring 2014.

As a screenwriter, Hill has projects with Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures. Currently, he is in negotiations to direct a feature film based on his Top Cow Productions comic SEVEN DAYS FROM HELL, a supernatural thriller from his own script.
Hill lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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