#FearYourMemories Campaign for Lakewood Movie

If there is one thing we are passionate about it is independent film and indie film makers. This week a new campaign hit Twitter from the studio behind the forthcoming Lakewood movie. Here’s my interview with Danny Allen…

I’m liking the Twitter hashtag Lakewood are using #FearYourMemories How did this come about?

It comes from the tag line of the film “Fear is Just a Memory”. We wanted something that would get people talking and start to get people interacting with us on a whole different level than just retweeting, we want to talk to people, we want actual comments and submissions.

#FearYourMemories is asking people to send us their fears, their scary memories, no matter how weird. Out of the 100+ submissions we have so far received both on Twitter and Facebook there have been some incredible ones varying from being held at gun point in Iraq, to having weird dreams that have tormented people since childhood.

What is happening with everyone’s input? I believe you have plans that involve the fans input?

The best submissions we hope to make a use of, the whole film is about the primal fears of the subconscious so in a way what we are doing is research. Learning everybody’s fears and actually getting a lot of trending subjects.

Apart from using some of the ideas within the actual film we will be using them throughout our campaign. They will feature in some of our upcoming teaser videos, and be shared on our new teaser website once we launch it. We want our entire campaign #FearYourMemories and the one that’s coming next to heavily involve people and bring people into our world.

So spill the beans, or at least what you can, What is Lakewood? Is the film cast?

In its simplest form LAKEWOOD is a cabin in the woods story following a couple who move to Canada to escape the hectic madness of everyday life, to create a life together and actually spend time with each other. However where is the fun in being simple? I have at times likened LAKEWOOD to its closest inspiration which is Chris Nolan’s MEMENTO. I am going to leave the plot hints at that…

The film is cast with two incredible actors, the amazing Charley McDougall(Crypt 3D) and the insanely good Jessica Ann Bonner(Christmas Slay, Serial Kaller). I am really looking forward to getting them both on set working together and making the characters of Jack and Emily Cooper come alive. I have a lot of faith that they will create magic.

You spent a long time in a remote part of Canada, was this for the Lakewood project?

You are right there, I spent about a month of 2012 in Canada living within the cottage in the woods that we will be using to film LAKEWOOD in. I wanted to cut myself off from the world and distractions of the internet to in a sense live the story. To try and understand what frame of mind the characters would be in and make them more real.

Unfortunately my imagination came up with an idea that was so simple, but yet so incredibly complicated that it has taken me the best part of a year and a half to make sense of the timeline and story to a point that it is in a place to start shooting. I have had input from some great people during this time and advice on pulling everything together. Some of the best advice and ideas came from Gavin Scott (Borrowers, Small Soldiers) which made everything a lot more simple and easy to understand for which I thank him MASSIVLY for.

What Effect did the isolation have on you as a person and the writing?

You just have to watch the vlog’s on YouTube to see the effect, I find it quite scary going back and watching them. I became quite paranoid and depressed, but at the same time excited and almost manic. On good days when ideas were flowing I was on top of the world and feeling insane. Then slower days I just wanted to sit in a chair and gaze out over the lake.

Taking that time out still benefits me, it gave me time to learn a lot about writing, and how to structure screenplays and break them down into set blocks to help you keep the flow going… and then how to rip up the rule book and reinvent everything in your own ideas.

Where is Lakewood based?

LAKEWOOD is set in Canada. The actual location of the set is by Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba; it’s incredible size makes you feel so small and insignificant which is also a great inspiration for the feeling of the characters.

Its important for me to have somewhere that visually looks incredible, there are so many places in the world where we could film but Canada just feels right for this shoot. The scenery has a certain look, and the size and space within the country is just incredible.

We love fan funded indie movies. Has Lakewood got a campaign?

Then you’re going to love LAKEWOOD! We are working on a campaign… #FearYourMemories is our pre-campaign leading up to our Kickstarter Launch on the 22nd March (which incidentally is my birthday weekend). We are right now working with some amazing people at trying to plan the best possible campaign that breaks the mould and makes us stand out. I can’t give too much away just yet on that but there are some great perks in the making.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

How about a first look at our #15Days teaser trailer? It’s called “Memories” which still gives nothing away about the film. But shares with you brief glimpses of the fears and memories that people have sent in.

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