Interview With Abner Pastoll [-INTERVIEW-]

Abner Pastoll Interview...Lisa Fremont had a chat with Abner Pastoll director about his new film A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, which is the closing night film for Arrow Video Frightfest 2019.Director Abner Pastoll is riding high on a wave of positive reviews for his newest film, A Good Woman is Hard to Find. Starring Sarah Bolger... Continue Reading →

Interview with Alston Ramsay

Alston Ramsay...Alston Ramsay writer of Midnighters, was kind enough to answer some questions for us about the film and writing speeches...InterviewHADDONFIELD HORROR: The basic idea for Midnighters came from a horrific true story. What was it about that story that caught your attention because there is A LOT going on in that story?ALSTON RAMSAY: For your readers... Continue Reading →

Interview with Blair Hoyle

@lcfremont & @dinsmorality interview...Hello indie horror fans! Eric Dinsmore and I are back with another audio interview. This time we had the pleasure of talking to writer/director Blair Hoyle. His latest film, Happy Endings Are A Rarity has just been released and Eric and I quite enjoyed it.Please excuse the less than professional audio editing,... Continue Reading →

Dead Shack Review & Interview

@TigersMS78 reviews and interviews...ReviewThere is a danger in doing a comedy/horror, its one of the genres with the most risk. Things can go terribly wrong. Fortunately Dead Shack is not one of those films. The setup is simple, a family plus one of their kid's friends go to a run down cabin for a break. The kids... Continue Reading →

Interview with Brandon Bassham

@lcfremont & @dinsmorality interview...Annum Films likes to cross boundaries and make you laugh while doing it. Fear Town USA, The Slashening and now The Slashening 2: The Final Beginning are all stellar entries in the horror parody genre. Writer/director Brandon Bassham puts his heart and soul into these films and he promises to deliver the... Continue Reading →

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