Book News – This is Horror to Release The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones

“What if you weren’t looking for evidence of the supernatural, but found it all the same?…

 A true research scientist can either hide that evidence or tell the world. Either way it’s going to haunt you. Either way your life is never going to be the same…

Find out what’s always on the other side of the door.

It’s the Elvis Room.”

Stephen Graham Jones has fifteen novels, five collections, one other novella, and about two hundred stories published so far. Up soon is a young adult co-­written with Paul Tremblay, Floating Boy  Meets the Girl Who Couldn’t Fly (Chi­‐Teen), and a horror collection, After the People Lights Have Gone Off (Dark House Press).
The Elvis Room will be available on Amazon Kindle from the end of March,with the limited edition paperback already having sold out – we’ll have a review for you soon.

Cover image from This is Horror

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