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Raindance is all about discovering new film talent and highlighting independent film making and the Raindance Film Festival has premiered some big hitters like Pulp Fiction, Memento, the Blair Witch Project, Ghost World and Love Exposure….

The Raindance Film Festival announced the launch of its new Video On Demand website, in February, bringing the film festival to audiences all year round. The site will exclusively feature some of the best independent films from around the world, curated by the Raindance Film Festival team.

Here’s an example of what they have to offer – Monk3ys

“Dougie, Stevie and Nathan – a hedonist, an idealist and a pragmatist and representations of the Id, Superego and Ego – are trapped inside a room for 48 hours as part of a cognitive behaviour experiment. They have no contact with the outside world and no-one monitoring them for safety.
Things begin as expected: alcoholic Dougie causes trouble, Stevie is picked on for his attitudes towards sex and Nathan acts as a mediator between the two. At the 48-hour mark, the three are still relatively healthy and looking forward to getting out: but no-one comes. As uncertainty and pressure rise, societal and behavioural conventions are abandoned as the Id, Ego and Superego battle for dominion and eventually fall prey to their own weaknesses.”

Watch the trailer and rent the film for £3.49 here

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