TV Review – Hannibal Season 2 Episode 2 ‘Sakizuke’


Zoe Butcher devours episode two of Hannibal’s second season with relish…

The FBI seeks Will Graham’s help with tracking down the colour palette killer, meanwhile Hannibal’s psychiatrist gives him the heave-ho. How very rude…

A cracking performance from Gillian Anderson as Dr Lecter’s therapist, (the ridiculously named) Bedelia Du Maurier, underpins this second episode. It seems that she has finally admitted to herself that her patient is a dangerous serial killer* and she needs to high-tail it out of the state (probably country) before he decides that she has become a liability.

*apparently him having forced another patient to swallow his own tongue when he attacked her wasn’t enough of a hint

Gillian Anderson does an outstanding job of conveying a woman in fear for her life but struggling to maintain a confident façade. Her palpable terror serves to remind us that, however cultured, intelligent and charming (and fit) Dr Lecter is, underneath he is  the stuff of nightmares.

Hannibal - plastic mac
Oh dear, it’s the plastic mac of dismemberment. Someone’s for it.

Speaking of murdering psychopaths (it’s a Hannibal review, what the hell else would we be speaking about?) the art-loving colour palette killer meets his match this week as Hannibal distracts the FBI with some blatant bullshit and tracks the killer down then staples him into his own creation, minus a leg. In Lecter terms, this is ‘helping’ him. OK Doctor, if you say so.

Obviously poor old Will pegs Hannibal as the killer’s final art critic but he is unable to say so without sounding like a crazy person and Hannibal’s face as he watches Will struggle with this dilemma is almost unbearably smug. He couldn’t have looked more self satisfied if he’d started dancing around the room singing ‘I’m The Chesapeake Ripper And You Can’t Catch Me’ (he does that a lot in my head, and probably on Tumblr).

Hannibal bodies
Hannibal’s GCSE art final was avant garde to say the least

At the end of the episode Hannibal pays a long awaited ‘visit’ to the home of his psychiatrist. You know, the sort of visit that requires the plastic mac of dismemberment. Luckily for her she had the good sense to get the fuck out before he turned up so she remains alive, for now at least.

Prison bars
She wants to believe…

Thus ends another cracking episode from this fabulous show which leaves you aching for next week’s instalment and, bizarrely, wondering what a human leg would taste like.

Slicker than a serial killer in a dismemberment mac

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